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When you are intending to make any purchase whatsoever, the prices and conditions offered throughout the entire market. Such research is, however, often a rather trying matter:

•  Where do I find the most favourable suppliers? 
•  Who delivers better quality at the same price? 
•  Who delivers the fastest? Who is the most reliable? 

Finding the answers to such questions takes time and energy, not to mention the complex know-how involved in modern information management. But it is often medium-sized companies which simply do not have the technical or staff capacities necessary to carry out such prolonged and protected research efforts.

This is where Hein Marketing Agency gets to work.

Searching for a Solution 

At the beginning of our work, there is a detailed description of the product of interest: quality criteria, delivery amount, maximum price, etc. This catalogue of features, together with data concerning the present purchasing situation of the client, serves as the basis for the research our agency now carries out. Precisely formulated tenders, distributed worldwide, offer an initial overview of the market. Interested suppliers first have to answer a number of quite specific questions. Control questions make comparisons possible and lead to an effective preselection process. In order to check the promises of such new suppliers, their reliability and their quality, samples and trial deliveries are agreed upon with them. If necessary, the production facilities of the suppliers are visited, or visits by the supplier to the client are organized before the first business contacts are sealed. The care taken in this process benefits Carefully selected purchasing solutions can save them up to 50 % as against the present purchasing situation.

The Partnership

Simply finding a supplier does not finish the job. Whether it is now contract negotiations or import clearence, delivery date supervision, supplier visits or just plain correspondence, we take over for our clients the complete preparation of a new business relationship. We have our own special software just for this purpose and we have been elaborating on it since 1989 so that we today have a broad-based information system at our disposal. We can respond to specific questions in seconds, if need be. Our concept of purchasing marketing is based on longterm cooperation which we see as the only way to make continuous and intensive consultation possible. This is why we conclude a long-term contract with our clients, lasting at least five years. This contract period is a guarantee not only for consistency and company-orientated service but also that the considerable services offered by the Hein Marketing Agency will not have beenin vain.

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